What I Can Do For You 

These programs are designed to help you gain knowledge, provide you with the tools you need & help you through the Buying and Selling process with my professional Real Estate and Financial experience along with hands on Construction back ground I am highly qualified to guide through every Real Estate Transaction Professionally with Confidence. I specialize in selling properties for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, and with limited stress and aggravation.

Attention Sellers 3 Programs that work!

The Market determines the Price I determine how to get it, Save Money & Get Results


1. Certified Pre-Owned Home Program

Similar to Selling a Certified Pre-Owned Car the same concept can apply to homes.  These homes come thoroughly inspected and the results speak for themselves

It is critical for your home to stand out above all others. By marketing your home as a Certified Pre-Owned Home, buyers will know that your home comes pre-inspected, this is a win win for both Buyers and Sellers,

*Seller knows up front about any deficiencies in the home to avoid future surprises

*Avoid heartache, delays, extending the conditions period or possibly losing the deal

*Avoids any renegotiating on price and receive possible cash offers or multiple offers

*Seller can sell with confidence and the Buyers will feel good knowing the seller takes pride in their home

Why Buyers love my Certified Pre-Owned Home Program?

Selling your Home with my Certified Pre-Owned Home Program removes the stress and worry when a buyer buys your home

Buyers will be knocking down your door in order to take advantage of all the incentives this program has to offer

1. Home improvement package (possibly qualify for a home improvement credit)

2. Professional Contractor advice at NO charge

3. Access to our qualified contractors and discounted rates

4. 1 year Home Buyers anniversary party package 



2. The Fast Track Selling Program

This is definitely my most aggressive program and was specifically designed for highly motivated and serious sellers. The Fast Track Selling Program is 100% effective and is guaranteed to get your house sold within 60 days

If you are not a serious seller, this program is not for you. In order to be eligible for the Fast Track Selling Program, you must:

List your home within 5% of the recommended listing price and be willing to decrease the listing price of your home by 1.5% every 10-15 days until the home sells


3. Immediate Buyout Program

This Program is for the distressed Seller who needs out immediately with no stress or delays. Whether its an estate sale, divorce situation, behind on mortgage and tax payments, need to save their credit or avoid losing to the bank, relocating, purchased a home and cant afford both, house is in poor condition and cant afford the repairs, having trouble with tenants and just want out

When you sign up for the program, one of our agents will visit your home and you will receive a cash offer within 24 hours.

The Immediate Buyout Program is quick and pain free, I set up an appointment to access the property go over all options available first that could possibly fit your situation, once decided that this is your best and only option you will get an As-IsCash Offer within 48 hours!

No Listing, No Showings, No Conditions, No Repairs, Quick Closing!